Friday, 11 October 2013

Bone Hunters

Today we dissected owl pellets. An owl pellet is the indigestible items such as feathers, bones and fur. Owls eat small rodents like mice, voles and shrews. They rip apart their prey using their sharp beaks. They digest the meat and regurgitate the indigestible items in the form of a pellet. Regurgitating is like coughing. This is a behavioural adaptation for the owl. 

We used sharp toothpicks to separate the bones and the fur. An identification chart was used to see what types of bones we collected. Some people found skulls, shoulder blades, jaws and hips! We had so much fun!

Here are some photos from this experience:


Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Creating Classroom Beliefs

We read the book, Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun by Maria Dismondy. We think the author's purpose for writing this book was to show that everyone is unique and different in their own way. 

We noticed that there were ten beliefs listed by the author at the back of the book. This inspired us to use these beliefs in our classroom. Mrs. Steuart had us think about why each belief was important and how we would practice them in our classroom.
Livy is thinking about how we can put our beliefs into action.

We worked in small groups having discussions about a particular belief and then recorded our thoughts as a group.
We organized all of our beliefs into a chart. Then we traced our hands and coloured them to act as a signature. The end result is pictured below. Isn't it lovely?

Monday, 7 October 2013

Oh the Places You'll Go

We just finished reading the book, "Oh the Places You'll Go", by Dr. Seuss. We started to think about what we want out of life. We came up with a variety of life goals:

Dongmin holding our book.

Teddy thinks it is important to be neat and visible. He feels that being neat with his assignments makes you better organized. He also thinks people need to be visible so that they don't miss out on important opportunities.

Mason thinks it is important to be kind. It fills your heart up and makes others around you happy.

Cheyenne thinks it is important to be different because if everyone was the same, the world would be a boring place!

Gage thinks being honest is a good goal for life. He wants to be honest in all that he does because if you lie no one will trust you.

Liam wants to be responsible so that he can be trusted. If people trust you, they can count on you to do more things.

Austin wants to be a kind person so that his actions will help someone else feel good. It's like the ripple effect.

Ana wants to continue to make friends.

Caleb wants to be kind so that the entire world will be a better place.

Kennedy want to be a kind, supportive friend. She thinks that if you are kind to someone, they will be kind to someone else and so on.

Mackenzee wants to noticed and different. She is proud of who she is and thinks that being unique makes the world a better place.

Nastia's goal is to be remarkable. She feels that everyone can be remarkable in their own way.

Raegan wants the world to know her as being grateful. She is grateful for family and friends because they are what truly matter in life.

Aidan wants to be strong so that he can stand up for himself and others.

Brook-lyn thinks it is important to be unique because everyone has their own personality.

Kyle's goal is to be the best he can be and learn as much as he can.

Dongmin goal is to share his artwork with others to make them happy.

Taylar wants to be kind and helpful. She feels that you need to treat people the way you want to be treated.

Ben's goal in life is to be honest. If you are not honest, your friends won't be able to trust you and that wouldn't feel good.

Livy thinks it is important to be unique. She thinks that everyone has their own style of doing things.

Jack wants to be a caring person who has a loving and kind family. He also wants to get a good job that pays good money!

Cayden thinks it is important to be yourself. He feels it is connected to be unique and original. The world would be dull and boring if we were all the same.

Lisa wants to be kind to everyone including all animals.

Katarina wants the world to think of her as being unique. She has a family that encourages her to be herself.

Rylan wants to continue being kind to others. Being kind is important. If you are not, you won't have any friends.

Then Mrs. Steuart took pictures of us posing like we were floating up into the sky from a balloon. You can see the results below.

Our facial expressions are priceless!