Friday, 15 November 2013

Beautiful Birch Trees

We created the background of our art by using watercolour paints and salt. The salt soaks up some of the wet paint leaving a crystal like pattern behind. Next, white paint was splattered on top to give the background a wintery feel. 
Mrs. Steuart's Starbucks Card collection came in handy!
Finally, we created our birch tree trunks. This was the fun part! We used old Starbucks cards from Mrs. Steuart. You simply dip the smaller portion of the card in black paint to make a trunk shape. Then you drag the card from each side towards the center of the tree. That's how you get the birch bark look! Don't they look beautiful?



Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Shoe Animals

Today we painted our shoes! A couple of weeks ago, we covered an old shoe using plaster bandages. We had to think about the different types of animals that have distinctive patterns or skin. We created a web of ideas. Everyone picked a different animal. Look below! You'll see ladybugs, orcas, clown fish and more! Tomorrow we are going to finish the research on our selected animals. We are focusing on their physical and behavioural adaptations.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Art Inspires Writing

Recently, students created a collage about Canada. They used magazine pictures, newspaper clippings, photographs and clip art. Their collage had to represent what Canada means to them and it also had to reflect their personality. Students used this art piece to write about their perspective of what it means to be a citizen of Canada. Everyone is currently working hard to re-read their work, revise on the go and then finally edit.

Students sharing suggestions with each other about their pieces.
Re-reading line by line is hard work!

I think you should add that idea here.
Can you repeat that line again? 
Whole class editing helps us learn strategies for correcting our spelling and punctuation.